Summer Art Market Workshops

Blue Fox

Just to wrap up on my previous post on a series of sketches I’d been doing in the print studio. Here is the final version, at least for now, as I’m not sure how or whether to pursue the idea.

I’m already working on a different thread, and you can get a preview of small work-ups for that over on my Facebook page.

It’s nice to be busy in the studio in mid April (and I have been), because I find the rush of logistical and publicity details somewhat distracting as May winds down, with the first show approaching in June. That will be the Art Students League Summer Art Market, a fun but exhausting show in south Capitol Hill.

After that comes The Boulder Open Fest in July on the Mall, a gallery show at Zip 37 Gallery in North Denver in early August, and possibly, the Modernism show at the Stock Show Arena near Labor Day.

I guess I should also put in a plug for my 8-week workshop at the ASLD starting in late June. You can search my name for current workshops at any time. A Fall workshop will be announced soon, and you’ll notice a one-day Summer Sampler in August if you just can’t commit the time for the longer classes. I’ve grown quite attached to bright sunny mornings in the Art Students League print room, and I’ve made some great friends there!

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