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Class Act

Stefan from the Tuesday morning Monotype class has been working with fields of color. This is one of his first abstracts from the workshop, and I like it because it has a very balanced color scheme ( the photo exposure may suggest a brown for the darkest swath; it’s actually a rich, wine-y red), simple composition and fresh spontaneous brayer (ink roller) work.

I posted a small portfolio of other works from the class on my Facebook page, and will have more soon. It gives me a chance to catch up with some pictures and videos of my own work that I will post soon. For instance, I have staged photos of the different phases of one of the first large works to come out of all the sketches I’ve been putting up, also on Facebook ( link at the top). I’ll summarize the project in a future blog post, too.

I may be taking on a few too many projects, but I’m feeling a burst of energy with the spring, and at this point, probably too many is better than not enough. The videos are the ones that often get pushed to the side, partially because confidence level is still tentative with the new software. But I think they’re eye catchers, especially on Facebook and other social sites, so it makes sense to learn it.

As I mentioned, I’ve posted a number of videos to the soccer fan page I manage, and also to Zip37’s page. So I guess Squishtoid is due for the next world premiere! Will begin work on that this weekend.

What I’m reading: A whole stack of histories of US and Britain, hop-scotching from James I (Simon Schama, History of Britain, Part II) through Andrew Jackson (American Lion, Jon Meacham).

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