Update on Future Workshops

Drypoint plate with press

Update On Future Workshops

As with a lot of things, the workshop schedule is up in the air. All the remaining Spring classes have been cancelled. The Summer sessions, for me begin in late June, and I believe the school will wait for guidance from the State and City on opening. So the late June class would seem to be at risk of cancellation, and is not being currently offered on the ASLD web site. Other in-studio classes in July and August may have a chance of flying.

I couldn’t really offer online versions of these, as they are solicited with the printing press in mind. However, I did make a video focussing on hand-rolled monotypes using Akua water-based inks, and that is available free, here. I’ll convert this to an online program possibly a basic 2-3 session look at hand rolling techniques, as soon as I can, Fall at the latest. So watch for those.

I’m going to leave the general descriptions of my various offerings below, so you can see my approach. As soon as they become available again, I’ll plug in specific dates and links. The Denver Public Library demos would not be offered in the summer, anyway, so consider them on indefinite hiatus.

I teach workshops in one-of-a-kind printmaking techniques (monotypes), and also non-toxic intaglio at the Art Students League of Denver, and other places. For a fun, impressionistic overview of monotype technique, watch this short video I produced at Denver’s Open Press Studio.

Why Monotypes?

Along with the hows of monotypes, we also discuss the whys. I treat monotype as its own medium, with its own advantages, as opposed to a way of executing in ink a drawing or painting. “Ghost” prints are prominently featured, as they provide a way forward to new discoveries which may “unblock” or push an idea in exciting ways. I review composition and color theory for those who may desire that, and we gather for friendly discussions that may provide valuable input. “Here is A Brief Essay on How and Why to Make Monotypes”  Two newer posts in the series are “How and Why to Do Black and White in Monotypes”  and “Color in Monotypes”   I’m often adding new posts that expand on class discussion. If you have questions about the things covered, click “Contact Me”.

Art Students League Workshops: Register Online Here 

The links for several previously scheduled classes will activate upon opening so check back. Workshops are  given in the large, airy print studio on the second floor of the school’s historic Richardsonian Romanesque home in West Washington Park. My multi-part monotype course, Monotype Starter, and its follow-up companions, Monotype Portfolio and Monoprint Mad Science, are now being offered on Sunday afternoons in Spring and Fall. A relaxing, post-brunch activity for football-phobics? (note: adults are free to choose which materials, water based Akua or traditional oil-based inks they want to use in all my workshops).

Monotype Starter: Intended as a step-by-step tutorial on the basics of printing and print room protocol. You will be certified to use the room independently upon completion.

Monotype Portfolio is for people who’ve had printmaking experience ( such as Monotype Starter, above) and who want to continue their explorations. We do a refresher in color, then march bravely forward into Chine Colle, and other more advanced techniques. Advice is available for framing and entering work into shows, too. Your second career awaits!

Monoprint Mad Science: It is a companion to Monotype Portfolio, intended for those who’ve had Monotype Starter or a previous printmaking class, or perhaps some art school experience, and explores quick and fanciful techniques to incorporate relief, dry point, collograph and other repeatable elements, into monotypes, using everyday materials. Next one will be in the Summer session assuming print room is open.

My Monotype Blast workshop is an all-day weekend sampler for beginners and is popular., so register early.  A lot of the prep work is done for you, you just print! It’s possible for some to get 6-8 small prints done, and it’s a great way to see if you like the process enough to pursue it. Late Summer session may be available, depending on School opening schedule.

I’ve taken a week long series of workshops in non toxic intaglio, as I describe here. These techniques provide all the effects of traditional etching techniques, but without using toxic inhalants, acids or grounds. My Modern Intaglio: Etching Workshop will be back when we are able to use the print room.

You call call a real human registrar at 303.778.6990. Or try online registration. There is a new waiting list function, which I recommend, as there are often last minute cancellations.

Denver Public Library Workshops

The Library is still closed, and this program is not active in the summer, anyway. So who knows what will happen in Fall. I’ll update when I hear more, but its on indefinite hiatus at least till September.

Library workshops are drop-in style, kept very simple because I get a lot of kids-I encourage family participation, as the kids really do well when Mom or Dad is there. Again, this is a good sampler event, especially if you are curious about non-toxic water-based inks, which we use. They are free and open to the public. They’re being scheduled now for various dates in the Fall. They take place at DPL branches that participate in the Plaza program.

With all workshops, the emphasis is on fun, social interaction and unlocking creative skills. Please check back often to get the latest on upcoming workshops, or if you have questions, contact me directly by clicking “Contact Me”.  I look forward to seeing you in the print room! 

With three presses and great natural light, the Art Students League print studio is a great place to unlock your creativity and make new friends.

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