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A monotype about seasons, places, and how fast we move, only to return to the same place.
“Return”, Monotype, 22×30″, 2012

My Work: I work in monotype and my pictures deal with the vexations of making connections of the spirit. The images are representational, but also conceptual and symbolic. I use distressed landscapes as a metaphor for the uncertainties of life, or interiors to express ineffable messages of the heart.

Iʼve shown in many venues including Boulder Art Center, Sangre de Christo Arts Center, Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, and the Aspen Art Museum . In 1988, I was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship by the Colorado Council on the Arts. My work is available at G44 Gallery, 1785 8th St. in Colorado Springs.

I teach workshops at the Art Students League of Denver. Both 8-week and shorter sessions are available, including 1-day samplers. Beginners are welcome. I have been doing a series of free all-ages workshops at Denver Public Library locations. Here is the schedule.

I invite you to follow me on Facebook or Twitter for up-to the minute updates on shows, workshops and new work. I’ve also added an Instagram (@JoeHigginsMonotypes), where I post my latest works in progress, as well as keep a visual diary of my wanderings through the city.

Check my blog, Squishtoid, for my musings on various aspects of making and thinking about art, as well as the things that inspire me, such as music, art, books, comics and graphics.

Follow me on Twitter: @hggns

Instagram: @JoeHigginsMonotypes

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7 replies on “About Me”

Looks great Joe! I like the incorporation of the Mylar stencils. I have been working with layered stencils as well, a technique that I found out is called pochoir printing. I generally apply one color at a time with a small trim-roller brush; then I add layers which ultimately create the subject or landscape. Kind of like serigraphy, but more manipulated by hand.
Anyway, I am glad to see your website. Your work is fantastic and I look forward to seeing more. Cheers!

Thanks, Jude. I’ll come by and pick your brain more the next time I see you at a show. I’m loving the combination of textures and effects, and I’m incorporating the basic process into my workshop.

Bill, great to hear from you. Would you have a link to your latest work? Would love to share it.

Been trying to get in touch with you at Zip37 but no luck. I want to sell seven of your works from late 80’s. Talked with you couple of years ago about selling. I’m at above address or 303-902-1616. Hope to hear from you.

Hi Lou, I remember talking with you. We talked about possible prices. I can certainly post about them on Facebook and in the blog, if you like.

Sending proposal to Zip37 today. Thanks much..hope the Republic Plaza show goes well..stopping there later.

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