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Going Mobile

I just downloaded the Blogger app and wanted to see if I can post from my phone.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the train lately, and the ability to update my Twitter accounts and check email has turned wasted (and annoying) time in my car into fairly productive time on the way to my temp job at Denver University.

I don’t get quite as much NPR listening this way, though there’s actually an app for that, too.

If you’re wondering, there is a WordPress app as well. I’ve already downloaded it, though my WordPress website is stalled until next week when the temp job ends. When I import the Blogger Squishtoid into WordPress, I’ll try it out and compare the two. Stay tuned.

I’ll also be blogging from the road when I go back to my Upstate NY hometown in Mid-February.

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Cold ‘fusion

Winter finally did arrive here, 6-7 inches worth, along with the frigid local tradition known as “Stock Show Weather”, named after the National Western Stock Show.

I don’t mind. We need the moisture; it’d been mostly 50’s with sun all through December- and I have a long list of computer projects to catch up on. Checking my pantry- veggie burgers, beans, bacon- Hey! Somebody send beer, quick!

Well, never mind. Weather droid says it’ll be back to 50 by the end of the week, anyway. So now’s a good time to sit down and focus on some computer projects.

I’ve become a new member at ZIP37 Gallery, and my contribution there is to take over the Twitter account( stop laughing, please). I’ve actually been tweeting more on my own account, @hggns, as a result of walking into a soccer party, and one of the young tech-savvy friends there saying: “Boy, you don’t tweet much, do you?” Well, no. But I knew I was a logical candidate for running the ZIP account, when one of the other, similarly middle-aged, artists confessed that she hadn’t figured out how to make labels on the computer yet.

So I’m trying. Twitter lists me with 35 followers, and 189 tweets. I’m informed that I’ve been listed in “Good Tweets 2” by a fellow tweeter in the creative economy, and I hope to find what that is (Is there a cash award?) , but I’m honored. And in my own defense, for the first two years of my Twitter account, I didn’t actually own a cell phone.

Now I’m trying to get in the habit of tweeting on a regular basis, and taking over the ZIP account fits right in with that. I’ll also be posting video of each show to the Zip Facebook page, something I started doing when I took over The Class VI Colorado Rapids Supporters Group page, all of which actually fits in with stuff I want to do on my Joe Higgins Monotypes page. I may be confused and over-extended now, but soon I’ll be very tech-savvy, and over-extended. Or maybe I’ll just retire to the bar.

Any way, check back here and on my Facebook page ( link at right) soon, as I’m reading up on how to better use them, and there will be interesting changes ongoing. I promise I won’t be videotaping the inside of my pocket, as I did the first time I set out to create content for Class VI.