Ghost Interiors Monotypes

Doesn’t Follow

I have to say, I crack myself up a little when I do this stuff, and am not totally convinced that anyone else really gets the joke. This is a ghost of a fairly experimental picture that I called “Incomplete Still Life”, which contained the distressed table and distorted perspective of a floor, or maybe even a DiChirico-like plain. Weird enough.

Then, on a second drop I added a black squall in the upper left, possibly as a result of too much LSD in the younger day. I think it’s pretty clear this pic has no real coherence, unless you count the synaptic mysteries of a visual non sequitur. Which I do, so of course this is one of my favorite pieces.

It’s pretty rare that one of my favorites actually sells; this one did last year about this time. So I guess someone got the joke. Actually it was a couple that very often get my jokes, they have a large collection of my work.

I have a show scheduled in August, so I’ll need to get to work on some larger stuff after the holidays. I’ll be looking for something visually arbitrary and disconnected, yet vivid and very present tense. That’s the best I can explain a print like this.

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