Blu Xmas

Blu Xmas, Acrylic, 12×12″

My friend Dea down at Plastic Chapel on Colfax invited me to enter her Square Footage show. Plastic Chapel mostly sells cutting edge toys and collectibles, such as Smorkin’ Labbits, and Neo-Realism in her small gallery. So I decided something fun was in order.

Here’s what I came up with, a tribute to all the fun alterna-babes who’ve kept me company in the Colfax dive bars during holidays when I couldn’t get home.

I’ve always wanted to do more cartoons, but haven’t had a lot of time till now. I’ve been sketching more ‘toons, and I’m resolving to finish more of them. I’m also going to dig out my early cartoons done for my high school paper and scan them. All this after I had a reunion with high school buddy Spencer this year, when he mentioned them.

Most of them are pretty weird and twisted, so they’ll fit right in to this blog!

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