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May already! This is a very busy time of year for me even without a day job, have no idea how I managed it with one. This post will be a hodge podge just to let you know I’m still breathing- I’ll shoot for a longer post later this week. 

First, thank you to Conor O’Donnell ( and all of the artists in the workshop) for letting me post these  prints.  Check out my Facebook page for more. It’s really been fun to see the wide variety of approaches, they look great on the pages, and the images provide me with talking points while I’m so busy. There have been some nice comments on the work, which I pass along to the artists. The class itself has been real fun. If you feel like leaving a comment, feel free. Though we’ve moved into color, Conor is still liking the rich black and grays on white, with the nice, sharp graphic look coming as a result of stencil. 

The Open Press show is up and running, and there have been some sales (to some of my previous collectors, hooray). There are two events associated with that still to come, a demo and gallery talk May 22, and The June First Friday. Come down for a drink if you are in town!

Of course, those who know me well know that all of this frantic activity is in aid of only one thing: sitting on me bum all June, watching football! As you can see, I did start a series of posts on the various groups a while back, then got swamped. I still hope to post more on the World Cup, if only to get myself psyched up for the world’s greatest sporting event. 

And naturally, I still have cultural opinions. Expect some sort culture wars-type of screed sometime soon. Nothing gets me and the typewriter monkees in the back room fired up quicker than soccer-related xenophobia. 

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