Video Killed the Monotype Star?

I’ve posted this on Facebook, but I’m putting it here, partially to archive it. It’s a 15 second spot produced by Colorado Public Television 12 producer Joshua Hassel as a thank you for exhibiting my work in their offices.

Josh was a pioneering gallery owner in Denver in the 80’s ( he showed my work), then went into producing documentaries, many of them on Colorado artists, both early and contemporary. These include Anders Zorn, Rex Ray and Alan Tupper True, a muralist who painted within a few blocks of my Sloan’s Lake home. The True documentary will be re-aired May 8 (Details here).

As a side note, I admired some of True’s WPA murals in downtown Denver and ripped one off  for a colored pencil piece I did in the 80’s. It was the age of “appropriation” in art and music, inspired by Hip Hop sampling. I think mine is an honest homage, but I don’t have a digital file so you can judge for yourself.

All this is so long ago that now I feel a part of Colorado history, too.