The summer has been a cool one with breezes or showers at night for comfortable sleeping. With the Summer Art Market show over and the workshops begun, I’m catching up on postponed tasks, such as paying off credit cards. I’m working a temp job in a bookstore for that, and it makes it hard to get a lot of writing or art done. It’s mostly, go to work then come home and read, with some Women’s World Cup and Gold Cup sprinkled in.

I’d wanted to work on some larger work for gallery and art consultant sales, but instead I’m watching my ideas lay fallow till Fall. It’s too bad, as there is usually a rustiness that sets in when I finally do go back to the studio. But less debt means more cash flow for supplies and frames.

I’ve got two comics posts sitting nearly finished in the can. I’m persnickety about editing, so I won’t rush them, but I hope to post within a few days. I’ll be working a few less hours the next couple weeks, and can devote time to studio and blog work.


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