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Waiting For the Sun

"Ursula in the Trees with Maenad and Angel" 2013, Monotype, 30x42". This is a large piece that can be seen in the "Open Press 25th Anniversary Show" at McNichols Building.
“Ursula in the Trees with Maenad and Angel” 2013, Monotype, 30×42″. This is a large piece that can be seen in the “Open Press 25th Anniversary Show” at McNichols Building.

We haven’t had a winter like this in quite a while. It’s postponed a lot of printing days, though some have fallen victim to the Month of Printmaking event I’m working on, too. Our guide for that just went to press. I’m going to put up a downloads section on this site and put a .pdf copy of the MoPrint guide up for your access.

I’ve also been unable to put up a web store and hope to that soon, as workshops begin to start up again. I get less and less large blocks of time which I need to work through the task of figuring out the site construction. This basically boils down to searching for and installing widgets and plug-ins that are designed to be customized to your own needs and then do the work for you. My original complaint with WordPress was with its lack of creative options, but as far as ease of use is concerned, it works pretty well, despite some annoying glitches. It does take time to get everything loaded and ready to publish.

The Open Press 25th Anniversary Show is up at the McNichols Building in Denver’s Civic Center Park. I haven’t had a chance to see it, but it is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays, 10-3 PM. I’ll soon have some catalogs for the show available here when I get the web store launched. The opening for the show will also be the kick off party for Month of Printmaking Denver. The opening is also open to the public, and will be followed by a dinner with the Open Press artists from the show at Palettes Restaurant in the Denver Art Museum. Tickets for this event are available, and benefit MoPrint’s parent organization, The Invisible Museum.

I hope to see you at one of these events, or at many other MoPrint events. There will be panel discussions, shows, studio tours and demos, one of which I will be giving on March 15 at Meininger Art Supply. I will provide more details soon. And the weather should be friendlier then, too.


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