You Show Me Yours…

My class at Art Students League did not fill, so it is cancelled. It’s disappointing, and also leaves me with less income during a slow time of year. Fortunately, I have temp work at the University of Denver Bookstore to tide me over. I’ve been helping out during their beginning-of-quarter rushes for about three years now, and it’s a fun place to work. Lots of great people, many of whom got into it (mistakenly, it turns out) from a love of books and culture. 

And I do see a lot of interesting books there, though during a busy time like this, only in passing. My basic strategy, being poor and of limited bookshelf space, is to note the books that interest me, then type them into the Denver Public Library search when I get home. Stickin’ it to the man…

I get into a lot of great conversations at work. Books, movies, stickin’ it to the man; a definite step above the typical workplace chat fare from my old retail job: weather, and Broncos. Then more Broncos and back to the weather. Scintillating stuff. 

One interesting (and funny) fellow at work is Dave. He has combined a love of photographing sleep-deprived retail workers and a dry humor in a blog that winds up telling the tale of what happens to a bunch of interesting characters in a small bookstore as it is being taken over by a large mega-corporation. I’m in it quite a bit. Not because I’m a major player, but because I don’t run and hide when he pulls out his camera. 

I generally play along, contributing a bunch of nonsensical commentary, not to mention my sleep-deprived mug, as he snaps. I think this amply explains why Dave Hoyt’s Blog is not exactly redlining the ol’ Google Analytics, just as it does with mine. 

Here’s an iPhone picture of Dave, trying to figure out how to snap my photo without ruining his nice camera. It isn’t a very nice pic, but I haven’t been doing this as long as Dave. Cheese, Dave!

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