“Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”, the 2nd Amendment zombies blandly assert. Case closed. Argument over.

This nonsensical nursery rhyme was never menat to be parsed for its truth or falsity, in fact its central statement, that people are really their own only predators, is an argument for sensible regulation.  it was meant to stop honest discussion. Dead in its tracks, a rhetorical full metal jacket .

I’d like to examine this infuriatingly tautological, Joseph Goebbels-like banality in closer detail.

Most people, weary of the shouting, express a desire for compromise and an end to the polarization, but the NRA goons depend on this. Obama, trying to maintain a fragile coalition that has afterall, solved the Health care crisis, and may soon bring sense to the tax code, has made the political calculation that preservation of this coalition is more important than a long drawn out battle over gun control.

But there are many small things that can be done that will actually chip away at the fear mongers, and slow the hamster whheel.

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