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Happy New Year! Let’s Get it Started ( In Here)

Everybody (Here)

Everybody (Hear)
Let’s get into it (Yeah)
Let’s get stupid (C’mon)
Let’s get it started
Let’s get it started (In here)
-Black Eyed Peas
Sun is out; light is coming back; jobs too; we’ve rested; had a drink; taken a few hits this year, sure; but shook them off.
And we’ve listened to all the negative nonsense that we need, thank you very much. January, clear and cold, crisp and bright and unstoppable, is here. And we are ready for 2012. No matter that our 50 morning crunches have already dwindled to 25; our inspirational reading, “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky, sits half-read and 3 days overdue.
Our politicians make Terrell Owens look statesman-like. Our Economists pooh-pooh our ability to recreate our Main Streets, our Tea-baggers want us to let go of the American Dream, and even our Liberals regret electing our first black President.
It’s so easy to sit back shake the head, cover up for the next blow. But we’re better than that. “Wrong side of history”? Nyah.. we’re playing rope-a-dope with history. No disrespect/ When [history] busts a rhyme/You break your neck!

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