Strange Daisies, Indeed

“Strange Garden”, 1/1, 30×42″

Laura from the Art Students League very nicely e-mailed last week that she would like to use an older image of mine that she spied on the Open Press web site for a post card she was putting together. I definitely said yes, the more you get your stuff out there… The post card is to promote classes at the league, and I have one that is registering now for April and May, so that will help.

It’s often an eye-opener when someone discovers a picture you’ve sort of moved on from. Coming up with ideas I want to try is rarely a problem for me, but moving frenetically on to the next, before I’ve really delved into the first, can be. So Strange Garden (above), the piece Laura noticed, made me wonder if I need to revisit the idea. For one thing, with my focus on negative space this year, it’s interesting that she would call attention to a picture with so much of it. Also the print was done on a lithography press, as opposed to an etching press. An etching press rolls on the plate, a litho press scrapes across it, providing a different sort of action on the ink. Here at Squishtoid, where we are very technical minded, we refer to this as Squishmojonic force. Or something like that.

In this case it really worked to my advantage, and you can see the thicker blobs of ink were fortuitously extruded in a very organic, iris-like way that as far as I’m concerned, really makes the image. Anyway, it makes me wonder if I should use a litho press sometimes. I’d been doing some very gothic flower prints for a while that I loved, then bango! couldn’t get ’em the way I liked them all of a sudden. I like flowers for their abstract colors and elements. It would be nice to celebrate spring with some new flower prints.

As for the workshop, it runs for 6 weeks and you can get more info here. The League has a revamped web site with online registration, and it’s very easy to use. I think we’ll have a lot of fun, and we’ll cover technical as well as aesthetic issues, so no experience necessary. This one will run 6 weeks, but there are one-day workshops planned for Summer. When it’s done, you’ll be able to dazzle attractive persons with your knowledge of Squishmojonic forces. Or something like that.

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