Sol Invictus

December, and I’m (mostly) taking a hiatus from the studio. It’s a good time to charge the creative batteries and let the mind drift. So most of these posts have been about things I’m reading and thinking about. Which lately, has often been the culture wars. I have another one, on Love and Rockets comics and where they fit into the culture wars, almost ready to go in a day or two, but it’s been a while since I posted, so I’m cleaning up some loose ends first.

  • I will be at Open Press, 40 W. Bayaud Sunday, Dec 20. As I offered to sit the gallery for the Small Print Show, I thought I may as well work, and since I’m working anyway, I’m making it into a demo. C’mon down and see how monotypes get made. I’ll be working continuously from 12-5, traffic in the gallery permitting. I’ll try to post pics sometime after Xmas.
  • I’m sending out holiday prints soon. I procrastinated until today, so for many, they won’t arrive before SquishMas, but probably shortly after. Thank you for commenting and taking an interest in this blog!
  • Sometime in the post holiday quiet, I hope to sit down and figure out once and for all why the ‘comment’ function on Blogspot doesn’t allow me to reply to your comments. Or maybe just see if WordPress will work better? Anyway, thanks for your comments.
  • Coming in January, I’ll track another print in photos; talk about stuff I’d like to discuss in the Spring class at the Art Students League; and start nailing down a show schedule for 2010. If you have thoughts on what could make for an interesting post, don’t be shy leave ’em below. Oh- and I may even start on the long-delayed Squishtoid Manifesto! Certainly all this stuff on the culture wars will tie into it. But I don’t want to forget the oldest rule in the manifesto biz- “Leave ’em laughin’ !”

I’m sure the next week or two will be pretty busy for everyone. C’mon back when you get a minute, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Squishtoid!

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