Westering, 42×30", 2009

I put the last layer, which was the 7th, 0n a couple of weeks ago. I like it, but wonder if I could do future ones in less layers with better planning. This post will get you caught up with the earlier stages; here is the last post. Did I go to far? Not far enough? You be the judge.

I did have fun posting the stages, and people seemed to like it (many responded, in various media), so I’ll do it again after the holidays. There’s another big one, an interior this time, I’ve been working on.

For now, it’s time to wrap things up on a very interesting year. I usually like to take the holidays off, then come back fresh in January. There are always loose ends, of course, such as the holiday print (l. Red Sonata, 7×9″, 2009), and a small art show at Open Press that I’ll announce on my FB Fan Page soon.

I hope everyone has a very nice Thanksgiving, and the first five peeps to leave a comment, or hit the ‘follow’ button, get a Holiday print. You can email me your street address. My crack mailroom team will get it out to you, and many years, the Holiday print has been known to arrive by Valentine’s Day.

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Hey BlogBro: This has been a cool evolution to follow, yes indeed. I love this kinda thing: seeing the work in progress and the playful tinkering of the maker. Great stuff, and an excellent final print. Love it.

Yrs, Germ.

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