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The Art Students League of Denver

Here is the Spring  and Summer 2017 workshop and demo schedule:

I teach workshops in one-of-a-kind printmaking techniques (monotypes) at the Art Students League of Denver, and other places. For a fun, impressionistic overview of monotype technique, watch this short video I produced at Denver’s Open Press Studio.

Why Monotypes?

Along with the hows of monotypes, we also discuss the whys. I treat monotype as its own medium, with its own advantages, as opposed to a way of executing in ink a drawing or painting. “Ghost” prints are prominently featured, as they provide a way forward to new discoveries which may “unblock” or push an idea in exciting ways. I review composition and color theory for those who may desire that, and we gather for friendly bi-weekly discussions that may provide valuable input. “Here is A Brief Essay on How and Why to Make Monotypes”  Two newer posts in the series are “How and Why to Do Black and White in Monotypes”  and “Color in Monotypes”  If you have questions about the things covered, click “Contact Me”.

New-Free Library workshops are back!

Spring 2017: I’m going to be doing the free drop-in workshops at various Denver Public Library branches as part of their Plaza program. Here’s the list of remaining workshops:

April 26, 6-7:30 PM: Valdex-Perry, 4690 Vine St.

May 1, 5:30-7 PM: Gonzalez ( my home branch!), Colfax and Irving.

May 23, 6-7:30 PM: Hampden, 9755 E. Girard Ave. (re-scheduled)

Big News- my first Art Students League Summer Kids Camp will be July 7-11, 9 AM-12 PM! Ages 14-17. For more details, go on

Full Workshops

The Arts Students League is more than a school, really; it’s a community that offers classes and other programs tailored to everyone from kids to their grandparents. A non-members fee is listed for each class, but the best way to get involved is to become a member. For further info, call 303.778.6990.

The League is in celebration of their upcoming 30th Anniversary. Click here, for details. Now is the time to plan to make your Spring a creative one.  Workshops are  given on Tuesday mornings or evenings, 9AM-12:30 PM or 6 PM-9:30 pm in the large, airy print studio on the second floor of the school’s historic Richardsonian Romanesque home in West Washington Park.

Current Workshops

I’ve changed from one 8-week session in Spring, Summer and Fall to two 4-week sessions (one day, one evening) for “Monotypes for Beginners”, which concentrates on absolute beginners, and one 5-week for “Monotypes for Advanced Beginners”, for those with prior print experience. Both meet the requirements to certify you to use the print room independently, for a small fee. The next one, Monotypes for Advanced Beginners, begins June 20.

I’ve had quite a bit of feedback that more evening sessions would be welcome. So I’m alternating evening sessions with morning sessions now, except Summer, which is mostly evening. If you don’t see a time slot that works for you, just wait till the next session, it will probably be offered. This affects younger people who have to work, and teachers looking for development credit, which is available at the League, subject to your district’s requirements. In all, there are more of my workshops of various sizes and times available now.

 Monotypes for Advanced Beginners is intended for those who have been printing in recent years, and want to explore a more intermediate level- finished, frame-able work for a show or portfolio perhaps; larger, multi-layered work, or those who need only a minimal refresher in print room technique who want to execute a project or series. There are still openings for this one, which begins June 20, 6-9:30 PM. It runs  5 weeks, excluding July 4.

Future Workshops

Will be listed when confirmed here and in the spring catalog and on the ASLD website.

Shorter Workshops

Other workshops pop up at various times. I will have a 1-day Sampler workshop on May 6 at the League that costs $67.50. Hurry! That one is filling up, though there is another scheduled August 5. We begin in Black and White to concentrate on dynamic, graphical composition. Most students are able to make 4-8 prints during the 6-hour Saturday session, and it counts as a start to your print room certification hours.

And the League is instituting a new program called Moxie U.

“What is Moxie U?… A sassy, new category of programming designed for creatives who want the KNOW-HOW! Moxie U provides brief, low-cost lectures, seminars and hands-on art experiences led by experts.”

My next Moxie U class will be in Fall. I do most of the technical prep, you just make monotypes, and it’s less than $30!

Here’s a complete list:

June 20-July 25, Monotypes for Advanced Beginners, 6 PM-9:30 Tuesdays

August 1-22, Monotypes for Beginners, 6 PM-9:30, Tuesdays

May 6,  or August 5, 9-4:30, Monotype Sampler


With all workshops, the emphasis is on fun, social interaction and unlocking creative skills. Please check back often to get the latest on upcoming workshops, or if you have questions, contact me directly by clicking “Contact Me”.


With two presses and great natural light, the Art Students League print studio is a great place to unlock your creativity and make new friends.

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