This image is from my summer 1-man show at Zip 37 Gallery. It’s pastoral, mostly, a bit of Eyvind Earle creeping in I guess. But it contains a more subliminal component, and I can never convince myself that it’s strong enough for people to notice. Thoughts?

A reminder: Tuesday, December 4, is Colorado Gives Day. Any 501c3 type charity is eligible for this (all proceeds go to the charity), but consider the Art Students League of Denver if you haven’t decided on a recipient:

*In these times of reduced educational funding, ASLD teaches critical thinking skills to children.

*ASLD employs artists and other creatives, thus helping Denver’s creative economy, a real asset to companies looking to relocate.

*ASLD provides community in an inner city neighborhood, and is preserving a beautiful Richardsonian 19th C. Building.

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