New Start

“SOL INVICTUS”, 15×11″

I mentioned that I often take a break this time of year. Toward the end of these holiday breaks, I often start getting a bit antsy to work on something new, which is proof enough that a break is a good thing, for me at least.

Last night before sleep I was running through some images and concepts in my mind, enough to keep me awake for a bit. This is sometimes, though not always, an indication of what might happen on return to the studio.

Here’s a peek at the last stuff I did, for a demo during the Small Print Show, which has also been on my mind, so another possible direction. The colors are a bit wack, and the composition cramped, but that’s not unusual, since they’re pretty small.

I won’t try to verbalize what exactly I think the new work will look like, but here are some “keywords”: line drawing, muted color, figure and landscape.

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