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Ab Expression: First Impressions

June 23, 2016

I took a preliminary stroll through “Women of Abstract Expressionism”, the new and ground-breaking show of “under reported and undervalued” artists from the NYC and SF art scenes of the 40’s-60’s.I wanted to leave all pronounciness at the door, and let the show simply wash over me. After an initial wide-eyed cruise through the show […]

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Read Flag!

September 25, 2014

It’s Banned Books Week.  Though it’s been a busy Summer, I’ve gotten quite a bit of reading in. Evenings and mornings have mostly been spent catching up on my reading on the back porch, thankfully relatively cool this summer. Here is what I’ve been reading. Rather than compile a comprehensive entry, which I’ve identified as a reason […]

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Class Act

March 30, 2011

Stefan from the Tuesday morning Monotype class has been working with fields of color. This is one of his first abstracts from the workshop, and I like it because it has a very balanced color scheme ( the photo exposure may suggest a brown for the darkest swath; it’s actually a rich, wine-y red), simple […]

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Art Star

March 6, 2011

Took a break from my own projects to go watch a favorite Denver artist do a demo at the Art Students League of Denver. Homare Ikeda has done a lot of monotypes, which is why I often bump into him at Open Press. He’s also on the faculty at ASLD. Here he was doing a […]

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