Negative space

A Good Start

If there is such a thing as omens, then Monday’s printing would be a good one. I went slow and examined each part of the routine for changes I might like to make ( for example, I made a slight adjustment in paper size during tearing, because it might make the smaller pictures more compatible with ready-made frames now available).

When I finally started composing, I kept it simple and tried to be conscious of negative space. When you are working with a limited color palette ( in this case black, and mid-value gray), It implies that white ( the paper) will be one of your colors, so use of negative space in the printmaking is essential.


Hot Off the Press

I’ve been adding fences and telephone poles to create at least a little tension. I do like the rhythmic minimalism, but fear that they don’t communicate the real visual power of western landscape. I often post new images, including intermediate stages at my fan page on Facebook.

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