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Month of Printmaking 2018 and Other Doings

February 5, 2018

I’m Preparing art for a number of different shows and events this Spring. Most are related to the MoPrint (Month of Printmaking) festival of events and I’m organizing one event myself. It makes for a busy schedule. “Master Printer and Print Educators of Colorado”, McNichols Building 3rd Floor, January 13-April 8 : This one has […]

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Walk Right In?

June 2, 2017

Textures and graphic effects are a way of bringing energy to a print composition. A highly detailed texture will attract the eye and demand attention, a subtle one will invite mental rest and contemplation. A heavier, darker texture or a very transparent one will tend to create depth by playing off what’s behind or underneath it. […]

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Living Large

January 5, 2014

  Large work has been a priority for me last Fall, and didn’t happen quite as much as I’d like, so I extended “printing season” into December.  I went down to Open Press ( a somewhat legendary print studio in Denver ) and started on 2 30×42” monotypes, one of which was completed, and will […]

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Zip Do Done

August 25, 2013

Some shots of my Zip 37 show with fellow Monotype artist Randy Hughes. It was a fun opening with quite a few visitors since then. I’ve been writing a post about color, as it has seemed to pop up in my work lately, but as always, it has bogged down a bit it the first […]

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Judgement Day

July 11, 2013

I was recently asked to jury a show at Core New Art Space, a co-op gallery I used to be a member of in the 80’s. The show’s theme was “Horizontal Line”. Here are some thoughts from a Juror’s Statement I wrote for the entrants and show-goers. Jurying a show (my first time solo) is […]

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