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It Kinda Ties the Room Together

October 20, 2014

Still haven’t found a job, though I’ve been pretty picky, avoiding the sorts of corporate blowhards who advertise their minimum-wage-no-benefits-McJobs as “careers”. I’m holding out hope for something that is compatible with a private, creative life. Time’s running out, as the money crunch typically hits around Thanksgiving. I may have to widen the search and […]

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Studio Doings

October 21, 2013

I’ve been layering Mylar stencils for┬átransparencies, spatial┬ádensity and complex colors. I hope for rich interactions of negative and positive space, with new visual textures. But a real danger can be overworked, cramped images. Planning becomes an issue. Good, rich color often involves planning, with transparency and color designs interacting in fresh ways when planning works […]

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