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The World Is a Funny (Book) Place

October 17, 2016

I read some big, brainy, brick shaped books this summer. A respite was inevitable, and when my eyes want a rest, I very often pick up some comics. Comics, A Global History 1968 to the Present, Dan Mazur and Alexander Danner: The 50’s suppression of comics in America had echoes in Europe and Japan, but […]

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Book Porn

October 5, 2016

A computer crash and a temp job in a shorthanded college bookstore really cramped my writing though I do have plenty of raw first drafts, typed shakily into my phone or tablet on public transit. So I’m posting some summer reading commentary now as I try to catch up:  I finished The Novel, A Biography. […]

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Get Back, Stack

March 31, 2016

  Month of Printmaking Colorado has been going pretty well. It’s an artist/volunteer run event,  and Denver’s getting too big to do a large scale event with out professional organization and promotion, really. But the crowds have been pretty good, and the press has covered it well. I was pretty relieved when all of the first […]

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Reading ‘Pretty’

February 2, 2016

  “When I was dreaming of what the future of women in comics could be, I was dreaming of her. I just didn’t know it yet,” -Gail Simone, comics writer and activist ( Women in Refrigerators Blog) on Kelly Sue DeConnick. Pretty Deadly Volume I (Image Comics) makes one of its stronger statements right on […]

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A Good Used Bookstore, For the Love of God

November 2, 2015

Size does matter. Mine is a bit small by most people’s standards I’m sure, but honestly, I’d rather it be a bit small than too large. Because really, it’s what you do with it. And mine does a lot. I don’t often brag about it because I don’t want to attract a crowd, but it’s […]

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The Wonder of It All

August 23, 2015

When Gloria Steinem needed a powerful feminine icon to put on the cover of her new magazine for and about self-empowered women, she chose Wonder Woman. The first Ms. Magazine even published a companion volume of WW stories from her Golden Age, when she often lectured young girls about the importance of letting no man […]

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Women and Comics: Coming in from the Cold

July 28, 2015

Pop culture is often where small battles play out in the larger culture war. Libraries have discovered comics -as a way to spur reading in young people and English second language readers- but so have the censors who see not a revival of creativity, but a challenge to the established bland infantility of the 50’s. […]

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Tales of Futures Past

April 16, 2015

From February’s snow days to nights in March spent on the couch after working my temporary job, I’ve had a bit of reading time. As I’ve mentioned, I read a lot of different stuff, but lately, my obsession has been comics. Not only for escapist reasons. There is a lot that’s interesting about comics right […]

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Lipstick Librarians on Top, Down There at the Bottom

February 13, 2015

I’m busy tying up loose ends as I return to a normal routine. So this post is a grab bag of abstract musings from both my winter couch diversions, and my spring projects. I am on the committee for MoPrint 2016, a city-wide printmaking festival which is entering its second scheduled biennial and had its first meeting […]

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Can I Take My Books to Heaven?

January 19, 2015

I’ve spent the last few weeks either working long hours at my temp job at DU, or on the couch reading under a blanket in the frigid, dark days. I got a lot of reading done, so I’m posting more mini-reviews today. Now it’s getting noticeably brighter, the job is done, and I’m getting back into a […]

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